Belgian Junior Champion

No-Nonsense's Promised Dream

CH. Papaws Yankee Doodle

CH. Now And Then Yankee Doodle Two

CH. Bonny And Clyde's Knowing Me Knowing You

CH. Now And Then Hole-In-One

CH. Now And Then Cutting The Edge

CH. Gildenmede Classics Degree

CH. Firstprizebears Z'winnipeq

Delightful Bears Intoberlin

Boy The Hills Of Chiara

CH. Delightful Bears Aras

No-Nonsense's Ursa Major

Delightful Bears Chinook

Delightful Bears Xanthi

CH. River Belle's Sebastian

Blue Heavens Twinkle

Snowmead Senator

CH. Snowmead Sans Faute

CH.  J'aime De Chester At Snowmead

CH. Consul De Chester

CH. Samantha De Chester

CH. Snowmead Salutation

CH. Must De Chester

CH. No-Nonsense's Kalilah

JWW-93 CH. Lord Lennon Of Pribardom

WW-2006 CH. No-Nonsense's Darwin

River Belle's No-Nonsense

JWW-2006 CH. No-Nonsense's Elegance

CH. Scottsdale Elegance At No-Nonsense's

Potterdale Confusion

CH. Potterdale Piccadilly