Nickelbys Sweet Alice Yhe Baroness








JWW-93 CH. Lord Lennon Of Pribardom



CH. River Belle's Sebastian

River Belle's No-Nonsense






WW-2002 CH. No-Nonsense's Xiebert





No-Nonsense's Shamrock

WW-91 CH. Charncroft Caleb




River Belle's O'noche

CH. No-Nonsense's Baronbyron











CH. Glamour Geminin Boy Of Pribardom



CH. River Belle's Qesus

River Belle's No-Nonsense


Thuja Vom Schavolliehof









Beardie Connections Regina

Beardie Connections Ike




Beardie Connections Liberty












Binbusy Oratorio



CH. Binbusy Quotation

Binbusy Kyrie






CH Heather Mist Everybody's Business





CH. Clic's Hip Hip Hurray

CH. Chriscaro Cagney




CH. Clic's Beaty-Bacall

CH. Nickelbys On-Going Business











CH. Potterdale Premier



CH. Potterdale Exellence

Potterdale Pollyanna


CH. Nickelbys Miss Saigon









CH. Woolpack's Bring On The Clown

CH. Moonhill Touch Of Class




CH. Woolpack's Lily Of The Valley