Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle  HD: A

Ch. Now and then Yankee Doodle Two  HD: A


Ch. Knowing Me Knowing You Bonny and Clyde  HD: A
JWW-'06 Ch. Now and then Hole-in-one  HD: A



Ch. Gildenmede Classics Degree  HD: A
Ch. Now and then Cutting The Edge  HD: A



Ch. Firstprizebears Zwinnipeq  HD: A
Delightful Bears Intoberlin  HD: B1  SD:Free  ED:Free



Boy the Hills of Chiara  HD: C
Ch. Delightful Bears Aras  
No-Nonsense's Ursa Major  HD: A
Ch. Delightful Bears Chinook  



Ch. River Belle's Sebastian  HD: A
Deligtful Bears Xanthi   HD: A


Bleu Heavens Twinkle  HD: A

Ch. Barkly Quest for Fame   HD: A

Ch. Synvillans Power Quest   HD: A



Ch. Woolpack's Power of Love   HD: A

Ch. Woolpack's Quality Zweet   HD: A



Ch. Woolpack's No Matter What   HD: A

Woolpack's Oriental Zweet N' Sour   HD: B



Woolpack's Zweet as Mulberry   HD: A

No-Nonsense's Just Sweet   HD: A1  SD:Free  ED:Free


Ch. River Belle's Sebastian  HD: A

WW-'06 Ch. No-Nonsense's Darwin  HD: B




No-Nonsense's Ambiance  HD: B

JWW-'06 Ch. No-Nonsense's Elegance  HD: B


Dt Jch. Potterdale Confusion  HD: A

Ch. Scottsdale Elegance At No-Nonsense's  HD: A



Ch. Potterdale Piccadilly  HD: A