River Belle's Noble-Neil
Lord Lennon of Pribardom
  Babbacombe Barney's Gypsy Rose
River Belle's Sebastian
    First Grey Rinty of Pribardom
  River Belle's No-Nonsense
  Beardie Connections Knock-Out
Ch.No-Nonsense's Fredrikson
  Charncroft Caleb
  No-Nonsense's Sundance
    River Belle's O'Noche
No-Nonsense's Zuperzayn
  River Belle's Qesus
Thuja vom Schavolliehof
Beardie Connections Regina







Born: 07/02/2006
Luxembourg Junior Champion
Belgian Junior Winner 2007
Tulln Sieger 2007
Belgian Winner 2008
Club Winner NBCC 2008
Amsterdam Winner 2008
Luxembourg Champion
Belgian Champion
International Champion
Dutch Champion

Foto by A. Oostervinck