River Belle's Sebastian
  No-Nonsense's Xiebert
  No-Nonsense's Shamrock
            No-Nonsense's Baronbyron
    River Belle's Qesus
  Thuja vom Schavolliehof
  Beardie Connections Regina
Nickelbys Sweet Alice The Baroness
  Binbusy Quotation
  Heather Mist Everybody's Business
    Clic's Hip Hip Hurray
Nickelbys On-Going Business
  Potterdale Exellence
Nickelbys Miss Saigon
Woolpack's Bring On The Clown









Nickelbys Sweet Alice The Baroness
Born: 20/04/08

Linda, Carina & Jahn Stääv
Nyponstige 16 Strängnäs - Sweden

Nickelbys Bearded Collies




Thank you, Carina and Jahn Speciale Thanks to Tina and Ola Bengtsson