No-Nonsense's One Man's Buster

CH. Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove

CH. Firstone aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

CH. Firstprizebears Z'tampa 

CH. Goonie's Highlander Lad

Goonie's Golly Miss Mollie

CH. Breaksea Norwegian Wood

CH. Goonie's Dream Poem

CH. Lärkängen's at Firsticebears

CH. Binbusy Quotation

CH. Heather Mist Everybody's Business

CH. Clic's Hip Hip Hurray

CH. Lärkängen's Trendy Miss Wendy

CH. Lärkängen's Just The One And Only

CH. Potterdale Exellence

CH. Lärkängen's Dreams Will Come Alive

CH. Barkly Quest For Fame

CH. Synvillans Power Ques

CH. Woolpack's Power Of Love

CH. Woolpack's Quality Zweet

Woolpack's Oriental Zweet N' Sour

CH. Woolpack's No Matter What

Woolpack's Zweet As Mulberry

CH. No-Nonsense's Justsweet

CH. River Belle's Sebastian

WW-2006 CH. No-Nonsense's Darwin

No-Nonsense's Ambiance

JWW-2006 CH. No-Nonsense's Elegance

CH. Scottsdale Elegance At No-Nonsense's

Potterdale Confusion

CH. Potterdale Piccadilly